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flat_32's Journal

Flat 32 - modern day RP SL
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This is a roleplaying storyline. This community journal will be used to post announcements regarding Flat 32 and the characters therein. Also, for the time being, you will apply to join the SL (to have your character move into the building) using the following application.

The following 'Rental Application' is completely IN CHARACTER (IC). In order to be considered to join the Flat 32 SL you must first fill out this application, past it into a new entry into this journal, and place it under an LJ cut. If you do not know how to make an LJ cut, here is how. Just change the [ and ] to < and >.

[lj-cut text="Application"]

Please tell us about yourself:
Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Name of Dependents (if none, please state 'none'):
Dependents date of birth:
List all pets:
(please be aware that an additional deposit of $100 is required per pet, no dogs are accepted over 20 pounds. Rent is +$25 per month per cat and +$35 per month per dog)
Which studio/flat/suite are you applying to rent?:
(vacancies and floor plans are listed under this post.)

Please provide your employment information:
Your status (please delete those not applicable to you): Full Time job / Part Time job / Student / Unemployed
Employer (if none, please state 'none' and skip down to the *):
Dates employed:
Salary: $_______ per _____(hour/month/year)?
*If you have other sources of income you would like us to consider, please list income source (child support, alimony, etc):

Vehicle information:

Please give any additional information that might help owner/management evaluate this application:

--------------- OOC Player Info ---------------
Name you wish to be called:
How long have you been RPing?:
What interested you to want to join the Flat 32 SL?:
If someone referred you, please put their character's name here:
What is your livejournal.com account name for the above character?:

By 'signing' below, you understand that you must be 16 years of age or older in order to participate in this SL. You also understand that you must make, at the bare minimum, one (1) post a week in your livejournal.com journal you have made for the above character. You do not NEED to engage in any type of RP outside of that if you do not want to, but it is highly recommended that you use AIM/AOL to RP with other characters. By signing below, you also understand that the owners of the Branson have the right to give you a 30 day notice for eviction should your behavior give cause for such eviction.

Sign here X ___________________________________
(you can just type in your name or your character's name)

A building stands in New York City, NY. It has been around for years, abandoned. Many young people used to live in some 5 plus years ago, but the people who owned it left it for some reason....

A young couple buys it to repair it and start renting out the spaces inside. Rennovations are made, but construction is tough. Accidents seem to happen all the time. An electrician falls down an elevator shaft and is found dead at the bottom; but the doors of the elevator are not even programmed to work yet, much less open for someone to walk through. Voices are heard throughout the building. Paint gets splattered on walls when no one was in the room. This place, everyone learns, is all around haunted, it's not just an old legend. There are real spirits that are really pissed off living inside. All of the happenings of the building seem to be radiating from Flat 32. No one dares to go inside, though many experts have done so in the past. Some have never even lived to tell what happened inside, though...

Somehow, construction is completed. The studios, flats, and suites are finished. The outside is remodeled and beautiful, like the other buildings surrounding it. However, the old Branson building still holds a secret that no one knows about.... yet.

((This is the part where I credit those at www.media-mizer.com for first coming up with the ideas behind this storyline. This is taking place after their storyline, but using the same building... except, as the info says, it has been remodeled.))

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Credit for the actual journal layout goes to thefulcrum. Thanks!

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