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Flat 32 - modern day RP SL
9th-Feb-2007 09:15 am
A large cork bulletin board hangs on a wall in the lobby of the Branson building. It has a few torn fliers on it, but mostly it is empty.

[ OOC ]
Here is the main journal for when people need to posts things on the community bulletin board.

This is also where you will post when you want to apply to join (since the website is not finished yet). All you have to do is create a free livejournal.com account and dedicate that journal to your character you wish to play. Once you do that, simply post here that you are looking for a flat/suite/studio/whatever to rent, and do a livejournal cut with the application underneath it.

Once your character has moved in, if you have an announcement to make, or have something important to write (like your character decides to commit suicide and it's all over the newspapers so you want to put it up here - not that you're encouraged to off your character, hah), this is where it will go...

If you have to go on vacation and cannot make the 1 post a week minimum in your journal, this is where you let us know. I will be posting the application and standards for the SL in the userinfo.

- Flat 32 bulletin board maintainer.
[ end OOC ]
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